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Casino Management, Casino Licence Applications, Legal, Team Building and Leadership.

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I have known Edwin Ford for 10 years and in my experience he has a very measured approach to business and seems always to manage to find a solution even in the most trying circumstances, conduct indicative of a seasoned professional that exemplifies key qualities of success a combination of experience, patience and dedication.

Peter Wilkinson-White

Director of ACE Publishing, Casino Life and Bingo Life

Casino Consulting Services

With an exposure and knowledge to international Market places, I deal with a full spectrum of Business Consultancy within the Gaming Industry.


Casino License applications
Suppliers License applications
Casino Sales
Commercial and legal negotiation
Team Building and leadership
Formation of strategic partnerships
Technical product development and implementation
Formulation and execution of sales & marketing strategy

Casino and Business Development Timeline

2019 - Designated Official at Endon Technologies Ltd

Director of Sales and Marketing for the Casino Slot Games Provider Endon Technologies Ltd.

2013 - Director of Clearstream Consultancy
2012 - Global Business Development Director
2011 - Joined Oleg Boyko's Company

Worked with Oleg Boyko at Ritzio International to set up UK Gaming Halls.

2010 - Negotiating Investment Deals

Negotiating and working on strategic partnerships with Playtech.

2009 - First Dual Screen Roulette Terminal for Spain

Development of the first Dual Screen Roulette terminal for the street market in Spain.

2009 - Gambling Commission Negotiation

Successfully negotiated approval by the Gambling Commission o the iDealer for all card playing Bankers Rules games in the UK.

2008 - Introduced concept of iDealer

Introduction of the concept of the iDealer for the UK. Using a deck checker to read Shuffled Decks of Cards and downloaded on to a Data Base for the delivery of Black Jack/ Poker and PB on an electronic terminal. Product released January show 2009. Patent Pending.

2008 - Negotiated Integration of Kiron Virtual Racing

Negotiated the integration of the Kiron Virtual Racing software on to the Xtale Platform.

2008 - Concept for Stan James

 Concept for the Stan James Self Service Betting Kiosk, released January show 2009.

2008 - Invented Triple Intrinsic wheel

Invented and design of a triple intrinsic wheel for Genting Casino’s (now in the Central Displays portfolio, which they now released at the 2014 London show).

2007 - Invented Concept and Delivery of Racing Roulette

Invented Concept and delivery of Racing Roulette, a Roulette side bet with an interactive Horse Race on the Table Display -UK Commission approved and Patent Pending.

2007 - Introduced New Platform for Genting Casinos

Introduction of new platform with Roulette and Live Punto Banco with the Angel Shoe. “Genting Casinos” UK.

2006 - Development of Sports Kiosk Software

Development of sports kiosk software working in conjunction with Betfair and their online account, Roulette touch screen terminal with internet access and integrated keyboard, Gala Golden Horseshoe Casino London.

2006 - Concept and Design of Reduced Foot Print Terminal

Concept and design of a reduced foot print slant top terminal 600 x 600, first installed in to the Stanley group.

2005 - Advertising Concept for Logos on Table Displays

Advertising Concept for logos and internal adverts on Table Displays, became a new business line.

2005 - Concept for Hard Rock Casino London

Concept of 3D winning number table display with Live TV and Video streaming, Installed Hard Rock Casino London.

2005 - Design and Creation of first 4 seat Touch Screen Roulette Coffee Table

Design and creation of the first 4 seat Touch Screen Roulette Coffee Table, Gala Birmingham.

2005 - Installation of First Ever Cashless 'E Lounge'

Installation of first ever, cashless “e lounge” in a UK Casino, Gala Birmingham.

2004 - Introduced Server Based Gaming

Installation of first ever Server Based Platform on a Gaming Floor.

2004 - First Appearance at the London Show

First appearance at the London Show, designed stand, XNE awarded prize from the organisers for best use and design for stand size.

2002 - Conceptualised and Delivered 'Table Top Roulette'

Conceptualised and Delivered “Table Top Roulette” for the UK. The first Electronic Roulette solution in the UK to be used in a Casino bar area.

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